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The Driving With Care (DWC) Provider's Guide presents a comprehensive view of cognitive-behavioral treatment for impaired driving offenders; a thorough review of theory and practice related to client evaluation; legal and cultural considerations; as well as operational procedures for assessing and matching DWI offenders to appropriate levels of education and treatment services. Guidelines are provided for developing individualized treatment plans, and implementing appropriate education and treatment curriculum protocol where clients relate and apply the lesson and session material to their own unique circumstances and situations. Clients learn self-control over thinking and actions, responsible behavior towards others and the community.
Level I Education
Level I is a six-session, 12 hour DWI education program designed for first time offenders with minimal if any problems other than impaired driving associated with AOD use, who have no prior offenses, no prior diagnosis of Substance Abuse or Substance Dependence, and no other problems related to AOD use or misuse. The pain purposes of this protocol are to prevent recidivism (DWI behavior) and to prevent future AOD related problems.
Level II Education
Level II Education is a 12-session, 24 hour education program for impaired driving offenders who have at least minimal indicators of past problems associated with AOD use or misuse and whose arrest BAC was at the impaired driving level. Level II Education helps clients to understand how problem behaviors are learned and how those behaviors are strengthened. They develop a good understanding of their involvement in impaired driving and how their own AOD use fits clinically identified patterns and cycles of AOD use and misuse. They become able to develop strategies and skills to prevent future problems of use and misuse and involvement in DWI behavior: relapse and recidivism prevention. This is a pre-requisite and foundation for Level II Therapy.
Level II Therapy
Level II Therapy is a 21-session, 42-hour program including 10 manual guided therapy projects. Level II Therapy assists in developing and implementing individualized treatment plans. It is designed for clients with higher levels of AOD disruption and psychosocial problems who are in need of treatment and intervention over longer periods of time. The program builds on the core concepts and ideas of DWC Education with a more intensive and therapeutic approach. The primary objectives are preventing recidivism and relapse with the overall goal of developing strategies for responsible living and change.
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The Driving With Care materials are available from:
Sage Publications, Inc.
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Level I Education$17.46
Level II Education$20.96
Level II Therapy$24.46
Provider's Guide$45.46

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