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Training & Consultation
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Training and Consultation
Training in the use of Driving With Care is strongly recommended, and will enable education and treatment providers and DWI offenders to obtain maximum benefit from the materials.
Training is provided by one or more of the authors and/or their designee(s). Dr's Wanberg, Milkman and Timken have many years of experience as trainers, teachers, researchers and clinicians in the field. "They practice what they teach".
Training Length and Content
The training consists of two consecutive days of experiential exercises coupled with lecture. Background, theoretical orientation and a brief literature review all with an emphasis on the Cognitive Behavioral model of learning and change and motivational enhancement are presented. The protocols detailed in the participant's workbooks are reviewed along with the provider's guide and each participant will briefly present one of the Level II Therapy sessions to the training group. Feedback will be provided by the author(s) as well as by group members. The trainers reserve the right to determine whether the trainee should be allowed to provide DWC services.
Trainee Qualifications
Persons attending DWC training should have an advanced degree in the behavioral sciences and/or advanced certification as an addiction counselor and experience working with DWI offenders. Persons who do not meet these requirements may attend the training if written assurance is received from both the individual and the employing agency/provider that the trainee will co-facilitate DWC groups with a fully qualified counselor present. This restriction shall remain in effect until such time that the employing agency/provider in accord with State DWI education/counselor regulations believes the individual in question ready to conduct sessions by him/herself.
Training Costs
The cost per trainer is $1200.00 per day, plus expenses. The maximum number of attendees per trainer is 21. There is also a one-day preparation and travel time cost.
Pre & Travel time =$1200.00
Two days training =$2400.00
$3600.00 plus expenses
Consultation via phone on any or all aspects of DWC will be provided at no cost to attendees and/or agencies for six months following the training. Further consultation costs will depend upon the nature, length, complexity etc. of the questions at hand. Quality assurance site visits are also available.
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